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Bconz International enables and leverages Enterprise asset management (EAM) software platforms in effective utilization of  capital employed on critical asset maintenance across various stages of the asset’s life cycle. We Our services to customers to approach to EAM includes discovery, definition, and delivery of key themes which optimizes asset management processes to fulfil priorities of all  stakeholders.

 In the current climate, it’s more important than ever for asset managers and facility managers  to keep track of their assets and inventory. Enterprise asset management EAM offers a solution to this problem through better control of their assets, inventory, machineries leading to increased efficiency and profitability. 

Enterprise asset management (EAM) related Services:

  • Consulting and transformation services
  • EAM audits, compliance, and roadmap definition.
  • Asset performance and optimization services
  • Field service management
  • Predictive and digital twin services

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 With our experience in EAM, we help enterprises transform their critical assets landscape. 

  • Gain operational efficiency and continuity in enterprise assets. 
  •  15–25% reduction in operational costs by optimizing preventive maintenance schedule 
  •  5–10% increased asset availability and uptime