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Facility Managers

Facilities managers are responsible for 

  • The operation and maintenance of building systems and services.
  • To ensure that best practices are followed for maximum efficiency
  • Attain the most suitable working environment is attained for its employees and their activities. 
  • Strategic planning and day-to-day operations, particularly in relation to buildings and premises. 

Facilities Operations and Management Lead

  • Facilities Operations and Management Lead the planning, be hands-on construction supervision and maintenance of facilities, equipment, and buildings. 
  • Design and lifecycle management of all facilities and equipment.
  • Develop and maintain workspace (clean room, lab & offices) that builds a work environment enabling collaboration, innovation, productivity, and destination of choice. 
  • Ensure high level of service for transportation, pantry, and other services.
  • Lead all aspects of building space allocation and layout, communication services and facilities expansion. 
  • Manage the portfolio KPIs, space utilization rate and budget spend. Lead and implement Integrated Facility Management outsourced for India.

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