In dealing with an uncertain economy, deploying Digital twin technologies offers a smart and versatile troubleshooting in facility management. Digital twin technology is cost-effective and saves time for FM professionals looking to streamline processes.

Digital twin technology eliminates the need for multiple service providers, facilitates a streamlined decision-making process and is more visually appealing than other technology tools available in the market.

Digital twins provides an exact digital representation of a building and can be developed from various data sources. In applying this technology to real estate / Property management / Facility management digital twins can be produced from floor plans, blueprints, CAD models, scans and even off-the-shelf digital pictures and utilize both AI and machine learning to create the exact virtual version of a space.

From high-definition renderings of all equipment, unfinished locations, reimaging spaces and life-like virtual walkthroughs, the next-level visuals provided can be leveraged by facility managers, technicians, brokers, prospective tenants and property managers alike easily accessible from desktops or even tablet devices across multiple locations or even time zones.

Digital twin and machine learning applications are of paramount importance to property managers and building owners which is continuously updated is applied to scenario planning and financial analysis in facility and asset management.

Bconz International will assist real estate clients to apply new technologies in order to achieve effective property management and digital twin technology will prove to be necessities moving forward in terms of saving time and money .