Transforming and Shaping the Future: Sustainable Innovation in ASSET and FARM Management

“Empowering Future: Integrating Sustainable Retail, Asset Management, Smart City Consulting, and Eco-Focused Farm Management Solutions”

BConz International, a global leader in retail solutions, announces the debut of Easytagg Electronic Shelf Labels in India. This cutting-edge technology aims to transform the retail landscape by offering enhanced efficiency, accuracy, and customer experience. Easytagg streamlines pricing and inventory management, replacing traditional paper tags with digital labels that enable real-time updates across various sectors, including grocery stores, supermarkets, retail stores, medical and pharmacies, and liquor and wine stores. Key features include wireless connectivity for instant updates, dynamic pricing capabilities, enhanced accuracy, and eco-friendly sustainability. 


“BConz International: Revolutionizing Green  and Sustainable Farm and Asset Management”

BConz stands at the forefront of eco-conscious property and Farm management, offering agile and lean solutions that not only preserve but also enhance your properties. Our consultancy services are meticulously crafted to support every phase of a property’s lifecycle, focusing on green building certification, sustainability, smart farms, and facilities management consulting.

Our commitment:

1. Care and Efficiency: We ensure the smooth functioning of your organization by meeting all manpower and farm requirements with our value-driven, systematic, and integrated approaches.
2. Customized Solutions: Understanding the uniqueness of your needs, we offer tailored, efficient solutions for reliable workspace environments.
3. Smart and Sustainable Management: Select from our array of smart facility management solutions, all designed for cost-effectiveness and sustainability.

Our deep expertise in asset and facilities management, complemented by our strength in green building and sustainable practices, positions us to structure comprehensive asset, facility, and maintenance plans. This includes integrating Asset Management, CMMS, CAFM, Property Management, Construction Monitoring, and Security and Identity Software Solutions, ensuring an environmentally responsible and future-focused approach.

Our Experience

Bconz is an independent management consulting firm to carry out projects of operational strategy with our clients from the industry, retail and services sectors with our domain expertise, human values and innovative methods.

Driven by a strong growth, we currently have associates in London, Dubai, Singapore, Chennai, and Bangalore. Adding new associates internationally is at the heart of our development strategy.

For over many years in the industry, we pioneer and we share our passion as a business and management consultant by helping others. Our ramp-up process is designed to empower your team.

Business mentors are key to the growth —that’s why when it comes to client selection, we’re choosy. We want to give each of you the time and guidance you deserve and devise successful a business planning

Experience: Assigned project teams have 15+ years’ industry-specific experience, working for world-renowned business consulting companies. 

Why Us?

Efficiency: Our business and management consultants make sure that your business plan will highlight the viability and attractiveness of your innovative ideas.

Qualifications: Your business  will be guided by consultants who are graduated from TOP  MBA schools. 

Full customization: We apply an individual approach to each case. Each document is created from scratch and fully customized to suit your needs.

 Investments: You will have access to an established network of investors, immigration attorneys, and other crucial contacts. 

Experience: Assigned project teams have 15+ years’ industry-specific experience, working for world-renowned business consulting companies. 



“As a property developer focused on sustainability and innovation, finding a facilities management partner who shared our values was crucial. BConz not only met our expectations but exceeded them. Their expertise in green building certification and sustainable practices has transformed how we manage our properties. The efficiency and intelligence brought into our operations through their CMMS and CAFM solutions have been remarkable. Their approach to smart cities and sustainable development aligns perfectly with our vision. BConz’s commitment to environmentally responsible practices and their understanding of complex requirements make them an invaluable partner in our journey towards building sustainable futures.”

— CEO, Urban Developments

Up-coming Events

Asset Management, Facilities Management, Fire and life safety business watch this place for a big maintenance planning expert presentation events. We sure when we announce it everybody get excited about it.