Our experience spans in managing all Facilities Management workflows, including technicians, cleaning and security, service requests such as season parking and permit to work applications. That’s not all, visitor management and  out-of-the-box  integrated solution every commercial  built environment. We help you see the world differently, discover opportunities you may never have imagined and achieve results.


Digitize Preventive Maintenance Checklists, Schedule preventive maintenance to minimize equipment downtime. Easily digitize your preventive maintenance checklists  and easily. Each manufacturing or industrial facility has its own unique reports and service request types. We understand this. This is why we build  highly configurable in-built form  to cater to manufacturing or industrial facilities of any type.


Our experts offer hassle free residential estate management system for all estate types. Delight Residents with an All-in-One System Savvy residents demand an all-in-one and easy to use system for estate management that is designed to meet these standards with numerous features including fault reporting, custom service requests, facilities booking and visitor management. All delivered through residents’ preferred messaging channel.


At BCONZ we have established a seamless process to support our client throughout the business continuity planning process. 


We work collaboratively with the client to identify all of the foreseeable risks which might affect the business through a methodical approach to conducting a business impact assessment looking at four key elements:
• people
• property
• processes
• providers.


Based on the outcome of the assessment and we develop a business continuity plan out lining, procedure, Management structure for dealing with an incident, loss/damage assessment, etc