Asset Management

In today’s modern business environment with globalization an unconnected event in faraway place will easily impact businesses globally. Covid 19 is an amazing example, started from Wuhan, China Corona virus spread worldwide to cause panic and severe business disruption globally.

Facilities Management

We help our customers in delivering a range of agile and lean facilities Management service solutions to preserve & enhance their properties and prepare for emergencies. Our facilities management consultancy services are designed to offer comprehensive support across the stages of the lifecycle of a property.

Maintenance Management

Corporate Partners like to collaborate with a start-up for
· Development
· Novel solutions
· To design and develop for improved user experience and interaction, ease of usage, higher productivity and quality etc.
Based on the options on products or services given by the Corporate Partner, we evaluate start-ups specific to industry needs, Specific niche technology, for further collaboration and engagements with Corporate Partner

Fire & Life Safety Audits


We support our clients  in Fire Protection industry, MEP contractors, Consultants, IT & Telecom power infrastructure projects in souring following specialized Automatic Fire Extinguishing Systems and products with the latest international qualifications and UL Listed & Vds certified Systems worldwide

Sourcing & Procurement

procurement departments can reduce a company’s purchasing cost by an average of 8%–12% and can improve bottom line profitability of 2%–3%. We work closely with your team

Project Management

Over half of start-ups are unsuccessful in their attempts to secure funding because they do not have adequate experience or understanding to get through the initial stages.

Reserve Study

Based on the outcome of the assessment and we develop a business continuity plan out lining, procedure, Management structure for dealing with an incident, loss/damage assessment, etc

Compliance Management

We assist our customers  in Understanding the current status of Compliance implementation and Survey  Proactive Assessment of organizational environment and risks to implement Comprehensive compliance program

Manage HR System

Supporting in developing HR strategy to successfully execute organizational strategy through Securing & maintaining HR system  training system and evaluation process 

Revitalizing Workplace

  • Support in practicing Positive approach 
  • Workplace Revitalization Program 


Strengthening collaboration
Post M&A: Cultures integration
Enhancing inter-departmental cooperation 

Strategic Cost Reduction Analysis

Developing and implementing effective measures to optimize processes and to enhance cost efficiency in all areas of the business. Particular areas are in production as well as in the overhead administration, in order to achieve target profitability margins.